Mark Papke

Client Services Representative

About Mark

Mark Papke, pictured with his wife Anya and their dog Mishka, has had a love for animals from a very young age. This appreciation for animals large and small, followed him into adulthood. He would rescue rats, birds and nursed a Bearded Dragon back to health. In time he pursued his art work, but always had a hand in pet related care and/or service.

Mark received Employee of the Month Honors on numerous occasions while at Petco, and enjoyed his work as a tech at various veterinary clinics. His connection to animals remains and his investment in animal welfare is both professional and personal.

Having grown up in Hampden, he has a special interest in this community, and decided to join his sister, VDM Kelly Papke in the provision of care at the Hampden Veterinary Hospital. He believes in providing quality care and is proud of his sister, embracing her dream.

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