Hampden Veterinary Hospital WELCOME Doctor Kelly Papke welcomes you to her new hospital here in Baltimore at 3300 Keswick Road. She and her team are looking forward to meeting you and your beloved family members. Hampden Veterinary Hospital PET WELLNESS Dr. Papke and her team offer individualized veterinary care to their patients in a caring, friendly and compassionate atmosphere. They are dedicated to you and your pet’s care so that they may live a long and healthy life.

Professional Care You Can Trust

Together, we care for your pet

Hampden Veterinary Hospital is a place where both patients and their people can feel at home; where time is devoted to creating and nurturing relationships with you and your pet. Dr. Papke’s style of veterinary medicine is based upon open communication, education, and active pet parent involvement. She and her team wants to help you and your pet live the best possible life together by providing quality care for all stages of your pet’s journey.


PLEASE NOTE:  We are not seeing new clients at this time.


We offer a wide array of veterinary services including veterinary dentistry, dermatology, radiology, soft tissue surgery, gastroenterology, pain management and senior care.

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Medical Pet Care

Together, we care for your pet

Even with her extensive background, Dr. Papke considers continued research and learning vital to being a good doctor, remaining open to new ideas, advancements and therapies.

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Meet Our Expert Team

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Dr. Kelly Papke

Veterinarian / Founder

With the founding of Hampden Veterinarian Hospital, Dr. Papke has fulfilled a lifelong dream to start her own practice in the place that she has called home all her life.

Mark Papke

Client Services Representative

Mark Papke has had a love for animals from a very young age. This appreciation for animals large and small, followed him into adulthood. He would rescue rats, birds and nursed a Bearded Dragon back to health.